Holistic Physiotherapy in Clayton

Holistic Physiotherapy in Clayton

It is a common misconception that a podiatrist deals with injuries and pain associated with the feet while a physiotherapist deals with every other part of the body. In truth, they work together because the root cause of injuries and long-term pain may come from different parts of the body and posture and other impacts that can start at the feet and flow on through to other areas.


This is what our model of services is built to cater to.

Access a complete diagnosis from our physiotherapists

We combine the best elements of both podiatry and physiotherapy services for Clayton residents and surrounding suburbs, giving you the total and full diagnosis and treatment and management plans that will benefit the entire body. Don’t just focus on the point of the pain – consult with a team that can discover what is causing your discomfort and get you on the right path to recovery for the long-term.

State-of-the-art physio technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment

Our physiotherapy centre offers a full suite of services, where you will have access to the latest in scanning diagnostics and treatment systems. This includes shockwave therapy that will have you back on your feet before you know it. We are continually updating our equipment to be assured you are getting the best possible results for your circumstances.​


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Ongoing care and attention

Don’t settle for services where you are diagnosed, given a prescription and sent home. Our Clayton team will get to know you and your pain and work with you over the long-term to develop proper treatment and care as you recover. We will also work with you on new techniques and methods to prevent these injuries and pain from occurring again.

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