Friendly Physiotherapy Centre in Hawthorn

A Quality-Orientated, Friendly Physiotherapy Centre in Hawthorn

Physiotherapists and podiatrists work closely together for overall health and wellness. You can access the best services from both fields in the same complex at our physiotherapy centre, based near Hawthorn’s surrounds.


Our expert team of practitioners can assist with all knee, foot, hip, and ankle injuries, whether they have been sustained in sport or other events. Meanwhile, we can also work in tandem with other health professionals to establish an effective strategy to treat all musculoskeletal issues. Together, our team can correctly diagnose and treat a range of ailments, including lower back issues and much more.

Assessment and diagnosis at our Hawthorn physio

Our expert team has the latest innovations and technologies to ensure the most accurate scanning and diagnosis for all sports injuries and other discomforts.


We go beyond the simple diagnosis and help find the underlying issues that can cause pain by combining physiotherapy and podiatry. We then assess all posture and body imbalances that may be impacting your comfort levels.

Physiotherapy and ongoing management for a wide range of issues

Our team can assist you with common sports injuries, including:

  • Lower back pain: This can be caused by a range of issues which can stem from the feet, lower legs and other matters.

  • Hamstring injuries: A common issue for runners and joggers because of the hamstring’s location and its strain during exercise.

  • Chronic knee pain: Do you have ongoing knee pain that won't go away? We can find the underlying issues and put management plans in place to ease your pain.

  • Ankle injuries: Problems with your feet and ankles can lead to pain all over your body. See our experts before it becomes more than you can manage.


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The latest technologies and innovations

We pride ourselves on our specialist team and have the latest scanning and analysis technologies on hand to get to the root cause of your problems. This lets us ensure correct diagnosis every time. We also use new innovations and methods for ongoing treatment to make a real difference, including shockwave therapy and more.

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