Physiotherapy Centre in Preston

A Trusted Physiotherapy Centre in Northcote

Situated in the surrounds of Northcote, our clinic provides supportive care to the entire area. We offer holistic treatments for a variety of issues – from injuries to chronic pain, sports-related concerns and general discomfort.

All our MSPPC physios hold the relevant qualifications, are registered with relevant bodies and are passionate about administering gentle, effective care. We’re a Northcote clinic that wants to help you find and maintain a better quality of life. If you need help, we’ve been in the field for years, so we know what it takes to address pain and discomfort appropriately.

How our Northcote physiotherapists
can help you

From your first appointment, our practitioners will assess your condition and provide a personalised treatment plan. This strategy may include other therapies – like clinical Pilates sessions.
You may need one session to deal with an injury - such as a muscle tear - but it often takes a few sessions to relieve a range of conditions effectively.


This is especially the case if you're going through rehabilitation after a surgical procedure.  When you first come to see our physiotherapy centre, we'll take a close look at your overall health and will work hand-in-hand with GPs, nurses, and occupational therapists.


What we treat

If you’re experiencing concerns with your back, neck, headaches, shoulders or any other area of your body, we can help you find relief.  The root cause of pain is often linked to a specific injury or underlying illness, so it’s best to treat the problem at its core.

We want to make sure you get back to your everyday activities as quickly as possible, so we’ll take a holistic approach and work with your body and mind to help you get there. Feel free to give our clinic a call anytime to book an appointment. You can also find us in Reservoir and surrounds.

Preston Office

03 9853 7836

2/226 Bell Street, Preston VIC