Cam Boot (Walker)

Cam Boot (Walker)

There are four key factors to consider when assessing the function of a boot:



shell design and materials allow greater restriction of dorsiflexion within the boot 1(ie. knee to wall test).


Due to the independent inflation of air cells, the Airselect Elite is able to create a pressure gradient that assists in moving swelling away from the injury site. The Airselect Elite offer patented duplex technology which has been shown to reduce oedema 3 times faster than single chamber boots 2,3.


Gait Pattern


The Airselect’s multilayered rocker has been clinically tested to demonstrate shock absorption at heel contact, reduced hip height differential at mid stance and reduced knee extension moment at toe off.


Patient Experience


AirSelect boots have extra padding under the heel and posterior to the heel for increased comfort and protection from pressure issues. They rarely have issues with breakages.